Wednesday, December 7, 2011

December 7 - Pre-Christmas Christmas Movies

I firmly believe that some Christmas movies should not be watched until the week of or only a few days before Christmas. I'm really a little neurotic about sticking to traditions, especially when it comes to Christmas. Those particular movies will be revealed when the time comes.

There are however many lovely and magickal Christmas movies that I encourage watching in the weeks leading up to Christmas.

I also have to warn you that I have never and will never endorse the viewing of A Christmas Story. I find it neither funny nor heart-warming, and I will stick to my guns (pun!) no matter who threatens to shoot my eye out (pun #2!).


I love Christmas movies! Christmas movies are my favorite!
 This movie is funny, child-appropriate, and drives home the message of the importance of family and believing in magick (by the way, I think spelling "magic" as "magick" is more magickal) at Christmas, all in a unique format. Oh, and Zooey Deschanel (blonde!) is in it, and and and she sings "Baby, It's Cold Outside"!

The Polar Express

"Tickets, please!"
Who doesn't wish that as a child, you could have taken a train to the North Pole to meet Santa? Complete with hot chocolate  and elves! And with this movie you finally can! The animation is beautiful and the story is one everyone knows and cherishes.

The Santa Clause

A classic. Tim Allen at his prime. Again, another interesting twist on the story of Santa Clause that gives us the message that family and believing in magick is important.

Any and All Christmas TV Movies

Okay, I know that they are kind of all the same, and some are really ridiculous, but there are a few gems in the mix like Secret Santa and Three Days. Plus, they are never in short supply and most never fail to be heart-warming, despite the corniness (then again, I'm a sucker for corniness). 

What movies do you watch around this time of December? 

All photos courtesy of IMDB

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