Sunday, December 4, 2011

December 3 - Advent Calendar

When I was little, one of my favorite things to do in December was open up a new little window on our advent calendar each morning.  At first, I had to share the task with my brother, but after a few years I was the only one who continued to have the same enthusiasm for it.

The advent calendar that we have is nothing extraordinary. It's just paper, and shows a simple theme of several homes at night. But each day, you open a window or door to find someone or something preparing for Christmas Eve, whether it is the moon in the sky, a mouse with a bit of cheese, a woman preparing a cake, or a child decorating a Christmas tree, until by December 24, you see an array of happy people and creatures celebrating that night. I love it.

Today, many of the little paper doors only have one left, others refused to stay closed until it is their turn to stay open, and I know what is behind each door by heart. But each day, I still look forward to opening a window that shows me a simple, but beautiful, Christmas moment.

Do you have an advent calendar you love? What is special about it?

If not, here are some advent calendar ideas I love.

Activities Advent Calendar

I love this idea from Anthology Magazine. Pick an activity to do for each day in December, whether it is simple like having hot chocolate, or a fun activity like ice-skating. So each day, you get to open a box or your vehicle of choice and then do whatever it tells you to do for the day.

I totally plan on doing this when I have a family one day. My kids are going to hate me, and I will love it.

Knit Advent Calendar
Photo courtesy of my favorite favorite favorite blog: a friend to knit with
The knitter in me adores this hand-knit, little gloves and hats advent calendar. You can pop in a little treat   so the members of your household have a little surprise each day.

There are so many terrific and special ideas for advent calendars out there, most of which are pretty easy to do yourself (hurray for self-sufficiency!). Here's a great list of ideas put together by another great blog: Creature Comforts Advent Calendar Round-Up.

It's not too late to start one for yourself this year!

However, I still plan on sticking with my beautifully beat-up advent calendar.

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