Monday, December 19, 2011

December 14 - Christmas Lights

I'm a total sucker for Christmas lights. Seriously. If you ever want to distract me for some reason, just wave some pretty lights in my face.

There are many beautiful light displays in the Pottstown, PA area (check out The Mercury's Holiday Lights map), but this by far is my favorite. 

This house is tucked away behind the Perkiomen trail down the road from Ursinus College. Which I loved since that meant that last year I could drive by every night on my way home from school at night and enjoy a quick show. 

If you are in the area (it's worth the trip even if you aren't), this house is definitely worth a visit! Or a few since there are different songs on different nights! Just be sure to get there before 10:00!

So pretty! This truly is such a wonder! Thank you to the owners for putting so much time, money, and thought into this each year!

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