Monday, December 5, 2011

December 5 - Christmas Music for the Christmas-Haters

Since today is Monday, I thought I would do another Christmas music post, but one to still kind of help you ease into the Christmas music season.
Don’t worry, by December 25, I will have posted a plethora of the Christmas classics. In fact, by that point, you will probably want to run me over with a reindeer.

In the meantime, I know there is an assortment of Scrooges, Grinches, and Bah-humbuggers out there, so here are a few Christmas songs that do not express a high level of fondness for this time of year.

Don’t Shoot Me Santa by The Killers

Still my favorite of all of the Christmas songs The Killers have done. And quite possibly one of the greatest music videos of all time. Also, a nice warning to all of you misbehavers out there…be nice or Santa may show up with a shotgun rather than a few lumps of coal.

Yellin’ at the Christmas Tree by Billy Idol

This is actually a yearly occurrence in my house…mainly by my mom, as our tree falls over. Strange how it always seems to fall when she’s in the room. Hmmmmm….

Forget December by Something Corporate

Yule Shoot Your Eye by Fall Out Boy

Please excuse me as my pop-punk-emo past rears its head with these two songs. But they are pretty great if you really just do not feel like celebrating Christmas this year.

Know of any others?

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