Monday, December 12, 2011

December 11 - "New" Christmas Songs

Here are (a few of) my favorite "new" Christmas songs. You know...the lovely little ones that aren't yet Christmas classics but should and probably will become new staples.

Christmas Lights by Coldplay

Such a sad, beautiful song. I love the imagery that the lyrics and Chris Martin's voice conjure up.

The Christmas Song by The Raveonettes

So unique for a Christmas song, but still so pretty.

The Cowboy Christmas Ball by The Killers

The Killers' newest Christmas song. All of theirs are new classics to me, and are all spectacularly different.

Pennsylvania Holiday by Valencia

Say what you like, but as a total PA girl, there is no other song that comes close to depicting Pennsylvania at Christmas time. I dare all you PA'ers to listen and not feel a single twinge of nostalgia or understanding.

Can you think of any others?

As always, thank you to the big brother for introducing me to these and many others.

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