Wednesday, September 21, 2011

New Fall Shows: New Girl

May I just say how nice it is to be able to actually sit down and watch the fall television show premieres without having to pick a few and watch bits and pieces at a time, during spare minutes on Hulu? Or half-watch half-study/read?

It's the little things...

So great is my enthusiasm that I thought I would share my thoughts on the new shows that have piqued my interest this year.

First up: New Girl on Fox.

At this point, you are probably sick of of me saying how much I adore the adorkable (yes, I stole that word from the is my new favorite word) Zooey Deschanel, but how was I supposed to know that she would, once again, play an incredibly lovable, unique, and quirky character...and now, once a week!? 
"Who's that girl? It's Jess!"
I don't think I've ever seen a character on TV that I like more than Zooey's character Jess, the new girl of New Girl. She comes up with and sings her own theme song for whatever scenario she currently is in. She thinks "sexy farm girl" is the perfect look for her rebound date. And, she makes Lord of the Rings references. Who wouldn't love a girl like that? I can't wait to discover what other fun quirks she has and what pickles she may get herself in. 

"Hey, sailor"

The other aspect that I really liked about the show is that it depicts three guys who, while not perfect, seem like genuinely good guys who are great friends and roommates to Jess. 

But the hands-down, greatest thing is...the Douche-Bag Jar. This is a jar that the guys have to put a dollar in every time one of them says something douche-bag-esque. The best part about it? It existed before Jess even moved in with her three male roommates...which means that the guys came up with and enforced it all on their own! I think every guy should have one of these. Mandatory for every guy in his twenties.

Did you watch too? If not, you can catch up on Hulu and then catch new episodes of New Girl on Fox Tuesday nights at 9:00 (right after Glee!)

Next up for tomorrow: Revenge (bum, bum, bum...)

All photos from Fox website

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