Friday, September 23, 2011

New Fall Shows: Charlie's Angels

I have to confess that I didn’t really watch all of Charlie’s Angels last night.


But I had a good reason- dinner (yes, I frequently eat dinner at 8:30).

However, I saw enough to form a bit of an opinion on it, and from what I have heard, I didn’t really miss that much.

 "Set and filmed in Miami, this fun, glamorous, action-packed take on the 1970s smash hit series introduces us to three new angels, all fearless detectives, head-turning beauties and close friends. There's Abby (Rachael Taylor), a Park Avenue princess who became a world-class thief. Then there's Kate (Annie Ilonzeh), a Miami cop who fell from grace, losing both her career and her fiancé. Finally there's Gloria, a disgraced army lieutenant who has a way with explosives. When one of the angels' missions ends in Gloria's tragic death, Charlie persuades them to partner with Gloria's childhood friend, Eve (Minka Kelly), a street racer with a mysterious past. They may not know each other yet, but one thing's for sure -- Abby, Kate and Eve will always have each others' backs. The angels are rounded out by the new Bosley (Ramon Rodriguez), a hot, young computer hacker who helps them solve cases and enjoys being surrounded by powerful, beautiful women."

In my personal opinion, if you are going to do a remake of a show that is as iconic as Charlie’s Angels, you better do a damn good job of it. And I don’t think the creators of this reboot even did a good job, let alone a damn good job.

Is that really the best you can do?! I've seen more realistic Charlie's Angels poses on Facebook!

I really really hate to criticize, but I think the writing was just plain awful. The first 10 minutes of the show are pretty dramatic, but the dialogue came across as really cheesy and fake. Rather than thinking: “Oh my goodness! I can’t believe that just happened, I feel so bad for them!” I was thinking: “Did she really just say that? That is not what a normal person would say!”  Some reviews that I read declare that the acting was not that good, but even the best actor can’t turn a terrible script into something worth watching.


The other problem I had was with the character of Bosley, or I should say I have a problem with the way the character was casted. I have a feeling they went for a young, and, to be quite honest, hot Bosley because they want to set up some kind of romantic storyline, but it just seemed strange to me. Isn’t he supposed to be a kind of goofy, fatherly figure to the girls?

 John Bosley

I’m going to give this show a few more chances because it is Charlie’s Angles after all, and I did enjoy Minka Kelly’s character quite a bit, but I have a feeling this may be the first new show this fall that gets axed from my To-Watch List.


Hoping to watch Person of Interest (LOST people! Yay!) over the weekend so I can cross that off my list before Pan Am Sunday night.

I swear I have a life outside of TV. Really.

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