Thursday, September 15, 2011

Website: Pottermore = More Potter (Who'd have thunk it!)

I’ll try to keep this short and sweet in order to prevent myself from turning this into a giant Harry Potter love-fest. Although, I make no promises. You have been warned.

When I read the announcement about the new website, Pottermore, from J.K. Rowling, I was little confused. An interactive reading experience? What exactly does that mean? But the part about how Ms. Rowling herself would be providing never-before released background snippets on characters, the wizarding-world, and the book plots? That aspect of it I got loud and clear. Oh, and the part where the whole thing would be free…I understood that pretty well too.

I was positively giddy with excitement, since this announcement could not have come at a more perfect time. With the movie franchise coming to an end, and having read the books more times than I should probably admit to, I was worried I may go into Potter-Withdrawal (a very serious condition), but no…J.K. Rowling to the rescue! And at a time in my life when I have the TIME to explore and enjoy the site without feeling guilty about it (although no one should ever feel guilty about indulging in some Harry Potter action)!

Registration for the new site is not open to the public until October. But through August and September, the administrators have been staggering the entrance of one million individuals who gained the privilege of early admittance through the Magical Quill Promotion that was held the first week of August.

Guess who one of those lucky ducks just happens to be?

If you said this guy, you're least as far I know


I’m not exaggerating when I say that it was solely pure, dumb luck that got me one of those spots (and it was indeed lucky, since about 150,000 spots would be zapped up in about 15 minutes…this was no joke). But nevertheless, I received an email a few days ago saying that I could finally enter!

To be quite honest, the best way to describe Pottermore is exactly how the announcement did: “an interactive reading experience”. But a pretty darn cool one!

I haven’t progressed that far yet, but I have made it far enough in the first book to have gotten a stellar wand (Unicorn Hair, Rowan, 11 inches, slightly yielding), sorted into my house (Hufflepuff, thank you very much, and proud to be so!), and make some advancement with brewing potions, casting spells, and winning points for my house.

But the best thing by far is all of the scrumptious Rowling “extras”. That wonderful woman certainly did not disappoint!

Don’t worry! October will be here soon and then anyone can join in! And if you are a Harry Potter fan, no matter your age, I recommend taking a peek, if only to expand your knowledge of that magical world that so many of us wish we could be a part of.

Heck, I’m STILL waiting for my Hogwarts letter. I think Prof. McGonagall has been slacking a bit…

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