Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Glee-ful Websites

As my coffee mug can gleefully (pun intended) attest to, I am a Gleek, and proud to be so. So, I am super stoked for the season premiere tonight and wanted to celebrate with a slightly Glee-esque post.
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One of the things I enjoy the most about Glee is that everyone in the cast seems like such genuine, humble, kind, down-to-earth people. And in today’s world of Jersey Shore casts and Disney stars gone wrong, I think that is a rare thing to see.

A few cast members have blogs (tumblrs actually…but that whole concept intimidates me a bit still for some reason) that I like to peruse occasionally mainly because they tend to feature great songs, videos, photos, drawings, and quotes. They are positively gleeful. Literally.


Dianna Agron is an Alice in Wonderland-Tim Burton-Audrey Hepburn-travel-enthusiast who also has an extensive and killer taste in music…and movies, and art, and dance, and so much much much more. Which is why I love her blog so very very much. She shares YouTube videos of artists I’ve never heard of before but instantly love, fun photos that she has found or taken herself, and playlists of songs she listened to throughout the day.

She just posted this yesterday:

Muppets and a great song? Do you really need any more convincing than that?


I actually discovered the Paintyhands blog as a result of Dianna Agron’s since, while not an actual Glee cast member, Ms. Paintyhands was a dancer on the Glee tour and has danced on several episodes. She also appears to be a frequent contributor for hitRECord, even working with Joseph Gordon-Levitt himself on some of his projects.

abriefegyptianperiod:  Round and round…

She frequently posts (usually at 11:11!) beautiful artwork and photos, and great quotes. It seems as if she has undertaken the simple mission of contributing a bit of beauty in a place (the internet) that is often riddled with ugly and hateful words and images. But a visit here never fails to make me smile.

In addition to these smile-inducing websites, I recommend checking out a lot of the cast’s side projects, including bands, albums, a certain theater company, and so much more. Actually,  I don’t think any of them sleep.

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