Monday, October 24, 2011

New Music Monday: Favorite New Albums

Fall brings many a’wondrous thing. Leaves changing colors, pumpkins and apples galore, snuggle-y weather, and some great new music releases. Rather than featuring the latest artist I have been listening, I thought I would mention my favorite new albums from some of my already-favorite artists. So here you go (in no particular order):



Feist is probably most widely known for the hit “1234” from her 2007 album, The Reminder, which was featured on a popular iPod Nano commercial. If you are looking for another “1234”-type song, this album isn’t for you. If you are looking for an even more soulful album than the 2007 hit, you have come to the right place.

Having been recorded on a cliff in Big Sur, it almost seems as if the ocean winds have seeped into Metals. Some songs are bare and simple with just Feist’s sweet voice and a guitar, others consist of rising melodies, percussion, and strings. Each song on its own takes you on a journey, one that you don’t really want to come back from, but woven together, the album takes you straight to those famous rocky cliffs, and let’s you stay there. But my favorite song, by far, is Cicadas and Gulls.  Described as “the early morning song”, it is a song for sunrises and sweet goodbyes.

It is clear by Metals that Feist’s continuing evolution as an artist means that we can only expect increasingly wonderful music from her.



Anyone who was over the age of 8 in the 90’s has a strong fondness for blink-182. Their music was a late 90’s staple, hands-down one of the defining bands for that time period. Since then, these guys have been through a lot while on an indefinite (now finite) hiatus, including side-projects and a plane crash.

Now back and raring to go with the album Neighborhoods, it’s clear that I’m not the only one who did some growing-up since the last blink album. This album showcases the best of the boys that we knew and loved years ago, but it has a more mature sound than what we’ve seen from them in the past.

Welcome back to the neighborhood. It was worth the wait.

ColdplayMylo Xyloto


Do I really need to explain this one?

It’s Coldplay.

It’s Coldplay doing a concept album.

It’s Coldplay doing a “love story with a happy ending” in a “dystopian-urban environment” concept album.

It’s Coldplay doing a “love story with a happy ending” in a “dystopian-urban environment” concept album, inspired by 1970’s New York City graffiti.

It’s Coldplay doing a “love story with a happy ending” in a “dystopian-urban environment” concept album, inspired by 1970’s New York City graffiti, that just dropped today and I’m already in love.

What more explanation do you need?

Oh, okay, fine, here:

I think Rollingstone put it best when it described the album as "a bear-hug for bear-market society".

She & HimA Very She & Him Christmas

Again, this was just released today and I feel that there is no greater explanation for its wonderfulness other than the fact that it is Zooey Deschanel and M. Ward singing Christmas songs. I’m a particular fan of the good ol’ classics on here: “Have Yourself and a Merry Little Christmas” and “The Christmas Song”

Let me reiterate: Zooey. Singing. Christmas Songs.

If you are one of those people right now saying either a. “But it’s October” or b. “I hate Christmas music”. I challenge you here and now to listen to the album first, then you can go ahead be a Grinch all you want

Florence + The MachineCeremonials


Okay, this one I am kind of cheating on since it doesn’t come out for another week still.

But, but, but I have already listened to “Shake It Out” and “What the Water Gave Me” about 100 times each already!

Florence Welch can do no wrong in my eyes. Lungs is hard to beat, but I will not be surprised if Ceremonials blows it out of the water. Then I can say the water gave me lungs (yea, I don’t know either…just go with it).

Honorable Mentions: Jack’s Mannequin’s People and Things (Andrew McMahon I will always cherish our time together, but you lost me along the way somewhere), MuteMath’s Odd Soul (good, but perfect example of a band that is failing to really evolve with each record), and Ryan Adams’ Ashes and Fire (simply on here because I heard it’s great, I just have listened to it yet)

What new albums have you heard and loved this fall?

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