Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The City of Lost Secrets

Katie McVay is the author of the novel, The City of Lost Secrets, her first in fact. She is also a fellow Pottstown Town Square blogger, and my co-worker and friend. Which is why I was very excited to read The City of Lost Secrets when I learned that she had written a book. I was also blown-away and very impressed when I learned that not only had she written the novel, but she had also self-published it. Talk about fighting for your dreams!

Here is the book synopsis:

"Scholars have all but written off the Talpiot tomb--unearthed 30 years ago in Jerusalem--as a typical Jewish burial cave, not the rumored lost tomb of Jesus Christ. But chick-lit writer Mara Beltane, looking to reinvent her career and escape memories of a failed marriage, hopes to prove the tomb is the real deal and turn it into a best-selling thriller.

While in Jerusalem, Mara's research is thwarted by Israeli archeologists intent on protecting the tomb--and complicated by her feelings for Dr. Uri Nevon, a professor and biblical scholar with a hidden past who aids her research. But Mara keeps digging, and soon enough—-with Uri at her side-—she finds evidence that could prove the tomb is indeed legit, information that would rock Christianity to its core. As the stakes grow higher, and with authorities closing in on them, Mara must face the question that brought her to Jerusalem in the first place: Are the rewards of writing a best-seller worth the risks of revealing long-buried secrets—secrets that will jeopardize her career…and her life?"

Sounds pretty interesting, right? Along the lines of The Da Vinci Code, right?


I was certainly not disappointed when I read Katie's book. It had the same sense of mystery and adventure, with elements of religious history conspiracy, like The Da Vinci Code, but unlike The Da Vinci Code, the main character is one very determined female.

You know who else is one very determined woman?


While I was reading her novel, I don't know if I was more fascinated by the story, or the fact that someone I know wrote such a great book (with more on the way!) and had the courage and determination to make her dream come true by publishing it herself. She made her own fate rather than letting other people determine it for her. Good for you Katie! 

We should all take your page out of Katie's book!

Not literally though.

I can't wait to read the next installment of Mara's adventures (which is being written right now!) and I encourage everyone to read The City of Lost Secrets, which you can find out how to do right here.

Again, congratulations Katie on such an astounding accomplishment!

Also, a quick shout-out to another friend and blogger (you just can't escape the blogosphere), Michelle, who helped Katie with editing. Us girls/bloggers are taking over.


  1. Thanks, Mandy, for such an awesome blog post and for the shout out! I appreciate your support and am so glad you like the book. You're no slouch yourself, you know! Putting yourself through four years of college, and fighting your way through the grad school system...not an easy thing to do! Your patience and persistence WILL pay off. Thanks again! Girls rule!