Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Listen, Watch, Do, Explore: Past 3 Months

A very quick summary of...

...what I have been listening to:

The Lumineers

Seriously love every single song on this self-titled album.

The Gaslight Anthem - Handwritten

Definitely lived up to the high expectations. Think more modern and more rock'n roll Bruce Springsteen.

Grace Potter & The Nocturnals - The Lion, The Beast, The Beat

Still a BAMF.

...what I have been watching:

The Artist

A poignant, fun, blast to the past. If you are a fan of old movies, this will be a new 21st century favorite.

The Dark Knight Rises

Effing brilliant. Perfect ending.

Breaking Bad

I jumped on the bandwagon, and am hooked. Although, I am currently on a mid-third-season break to distance myself from the violence, etc. 

NY Med

Forever the medical nerd, I was hooked on the documentary series John Hopkins four years ago, then Boston Med two years ago, and this summer, NY Med was no exception. 

Check out the 8-episode series here, as well as all 8 episodes for Boston Med here.

...what I have been doing:

"The happiest 5K on the planet"

How can you not feel happy going from this:

Yes, I am aware that I look like I'm 12. But a very excited 12 year-old. this:

Now a very colorful, very excited 12 year-old. 

The Color Run is a 5K run (run not race) that takes place all over the country. Anyone (we saw people from the age of 2 to the age of 72) can participate in this walk/run as long as you come equipped with a squeaky clean white shirt. Then, at each kilometer, you run through a "color zone" where you are hit with (all-natural) colored powder. After crossing the finish line, you then head over to the Color Festival where everyone is singing and dancing and hitting each other with colored powder. 

Someone asked me why I would want to run a 5K while being hit with colored response: "Why WOULDN'T you want to run while being hit with colored powder?!?!"

My friends and I had an absolute blast. Some people even had teams that dressed up in tutus, costumes, knee socks, etc. It's a great way to turn exercise into a really fun event without any kind of pressure. They don't even time it. 

Check out their website (link above) to see when and where a Color Run near you will take place.


Summer is the best time to make a dent in the book pile on your nightstand. At least for me. I really enjoyed making my way through some books that have been in my queue for awhile. My two recent favorites have been:

This magical story will capture your imagination like no other.

A beautifully written story of friendship and life in 1960's New York City, by the brilliant Patti Smith.

Time with Family

I'm happy to say that a good portion of my summer was devoted to some much needed time with my family and friends. I think my family has spent more time all together this past summer than we have in the past couple years.

Let's play "Guess which one is my twin"

...what I have been exploring:

I spy uncharted land!

Beaches I have never been to.

New cities.

Movie shoot in NYC!

A few roadtrips.

Back home

But most importantly, lots of laughs, lessons, and memories.

Hope y'all also made at least one good memory these past three months.

Now that I'm a little caught up, I can get back to more regular, one-topic blog posts.

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