Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Life’s a Happy Song with the Muppets by Your Side to Sing Along

I wrote a blog several months ago expressing my giddy delight at the approaching of the new Muppets movie.

My growing excitement finally exploded into a burst of song, dance, and Meep’s when I saw the film this past weekend.

I was a little let-down at first when I found out that the showing we originally were going to see was sold-out (but nothing a little apple-cinnamon frozen-yogurt couldn’t fix!). Then, I saw it had been sold-out by individuals with rosy cheeks and who were less than 4 ft. tall.

No, it wasn’t a screening for Santa’s elves.

It was a whole new generation experiencing and falling in love with the Muppets for the very first time.

I was reminded of how that felt as I experienced two hours of singing, dancing, laughs and jokes (Wocka Wocka!), cameo appearances (um, Selena Gomez, do you even know who the Muppets are?), and lots of smiles and old friends. Both the audience and movie characters were reminded of how much we love the Muppets and how much we have missed them.

I am also very proud to report that I was told that I laughed harder when Beaker was on the screen than any other time.

Meeeep Meep Meep Meeeeeep!!!!

Fans of the original Muppets will not be disappointed, but will also enjoy the debut of the new “manly-Muppet” Walter, the “Muppet-of-a-man” Jason Segel, and Amy Adams who all fit-in seamlessly. New Muppet-ers will get to learn of both the Muppets past glory and their bright future.

At its core, the movie is about growing-up, overcoming your fears, and persevering, all with friends and loved-ones by your side to help and encourage you; a lesson that spans the ages.

I solemnly swear that whether you a part of the old or new Muppets-generation, or even whether you like the Muppets or not, you will come away from this movie with a smile on your face. 

And probably singing Mahna Mahna.

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  1. I loved the Muppets growing up, especially Animal. I'm glad you enjoyed the movie. Thanks to Jason Segal's passion for the Muppets, new generations of people can now enjoy them too!