Sunday, July 19, 2015

New Music for the Summer


I have come out on the other side of step 1 of my board exams.. also known as medical student hell, and started actual rotations. Um, whoa. I'm still in the midst of processing boards, moving out of Philadelphia for the next year and starting working in the hospital (in Psych!), but hopefully I will share some random, funny stories and maybe even a little insight in the next few months.

In the meantime, it's summer, and I figure everyone can always use some new summer jams so I wanted to share my favorite recent discoveries that have been clogging up my spotify playlists, focusing mainly on some kick-ass women (does anyone else find it easier to curse in writing than speaking?).

I'll start off  with the album that I would pick if I could only listen to one for the whole summer:

"California Nights" - Best Coast

Best Coast has made a few albums reminiscent of surfer 1960's meets girl rock, but their new album, California Nights, also has a 90's alternative feel.

The songs progress how I imagine a day in the California sun would; from the steady, upbeat, let's-get-this-day-started "Feeling Ok", through the mellow, sunset-vibes of "California Nights", all the way to the restless end of the night with "Sleep Won't Ever Come".

"My Love is Cool" - Wolf Alice

If you are more of a London grunge-rock kind of person, then look no further than Wolf Alice. This is a band that has been getting a lot of love lately, I'm just sad I didn't jump on the bandwagon sooner!

Perfect blend of rock, alternative, edge, and cheekiness.

"Sometimes I Sit and Think, And Sometimes I Just Sit" - Courtney Barnett

Speaking of cheek, Australian rocker Courtney Barnett has tons. I can't help giggling as I listen to her fun and intelligent lyrics.

 (Apologies for the clown)

"If I Was" - The Staves

I first came across this trio of sisters a few years ago with their debut EP, "Mexico", but then they kind of fell off my radar unfortunately.  But they once again have my full attention with this new album, produced by Justin Vernon. The harmonies and melodies are stripped down and insanely gorgeous.

Live Cover of "I'm on Fire" - not on the album but had to share

After a long day of playing out in the sun, listen to this under the stars, next to a fire, maybe with some s'mores. Definitely with s'mores.

I know I said I was all about this ladies this post but I would feel incredibly selfish if I didn't share these other two new favorites...

"Coming Home" - Leon Bridges

You may listen to this album and think it was recorded in the 50's or 60's with the likes of Sam Cooke but I assure you it was only released a month ago.

Leon Bridges nails the 60's soul, blues vibe while still keeping his own modern twist. This album makes me so happy.

Moon Taxi

This  Brooklyn-based indie alternative band was a lucky discovery when I was at Governor's Ball last month (speaking of, Florence + The Machine: holy cow that woman is not human). None of us had heard of them before but we happened to catch them while waiting for the next set that we were planning on seeing- instantly hooked!

Their 2013 album "Mountains Beaches Cities" is addicting so I'm really looking forward to their upcoming release!

Okay, back to reading about personality disorders! Feel free to let me know what music you've been loving this summer!

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