Monday, April 16, 2012

New Music Monday: Sucre

There are many people who upon first hearing Sucré will think “That voice sounds so familiar...” and for very good reason.


Sucré is a collaboration between Stacy King, one of the talented DuPree siblings that compose the band Eisley; her husband Darren King, the drummer for MuteMath; and Jeremy Larson, a talented multi-instrumentalist and arranger. And it is indeed an extraordinary collaboration. Stacy, of course, contributes her trademark melodic vocals, but the arrangements by Jeremy Larson, with the addition of strings on almost all their songs just takes it to a whole other level of magic.  

Their first album, AMinor Bird, was released last week in conjunction with the kickoff of their small tour (next time, make your way to the Northeast please!), and is already getting a fair bit of attention.

Anyone who is a fan of Eisley will enjoy this more sophisticated version. It’s music to fall asleep and dream to, as perfectly evidenced by their music video for the song When We Were Young.

You can download the first song off the album, Hiding Out, for free, right here.


You can also stream the album in its entirety and You, Me, and Charlie (yay!), HelloGiggles, Kick Kick Snare, or on Spotify.

Fun fact: I actually first learned of Sucré as a result of Jeremy Larson’s wife, Elsie, who is pretty well-known herself for her shop and blog. Check them out (you know, if you enjoy DIY, fashion, photography, and recipes)!

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